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There's a lot of talk about gratitude these days and the many benefits that come from practicing the art of gratitude. For a more detailed look at the psychology of gratitude, we refer you to 

Positive Psychology's article on Gratitude and its link with Love and Happiness. 

We aren't psychologists. We are homebuilders and we are homeowners. Most assuredly, we are a grateful bunch here at Holiday Builders. 

In honor of Thanksgiving, we present our 2020 Gratitude list. 

Holiday Builders is grateful for:

All of the homeowners who have trusted us to build their homes over the past 37 years.

Our "family" of employees who work with one another as a team.

Our corporate culture that encourages growth and allows us to put our families first.

Our subcontractors whom we couldn't do without. Homebuilding is a partnership among trades.

The flexibility of our staff and all of our customers in navigating the changes caused by Covid19.

Our lending partners who go above and beyond to ensure our customers get to closing.

The beautiful landscape of Florida and Coastal Alabama where we are privileged to build.

A climate that allows us to work year round.

The vision of our designers who continually work to create new award-winning floorplans.

A corporate headquarters located in the technology rich community of Melbourne on Florida's Space Coast. We can walk out our front door and watch rockets fly.

The many realtors who trust us to work with their clients.

The success of Holiday Builders, our entry level home product we introduced in 2019.

The ability to positively impact the lives of our homeowners by providing a quality built house that becomes a home.

As homeowners, we are grateful for the roofs over our heads, the food on our tables and the loving community that surrounds us. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, happy, healthy Thanksgiving.