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Moving to Florida? You're not alone. Statistics show that nearly 1,000 people per day are moving to the sunshine state. 

Making the Move

Does this image look familiar? Moving to the sunshine state is becoming a frequent occurance. Move.org stated that Florida was the number one destination for Americans relocating in 2020. The National Association of Realtors notes that 28% of people relocating came from Texas, 15% came from New York and 6% came from California since the start of the pandemic. And despite the near end of Covid, the migration isn't expected to slow. The state projects that it expects to gain an average 845 new residents a day until 2025. 

What is the big attraction? The cost of home ownership is a leading factor depending on where you're coming from.  In Florida, residents pay less than 1% in property taxes while other popular states pay more than 2%. The fact that Florida has no income tax is another attraction. There are only nine states with no income tax. Florida's Homestead Exemption is an additional way homeowners save by living in Florida.

Welcome to Florida

If you drive into Florida from Interstate 95, you can stop at the Florida Welcome Center. This is a nice spot for visitors and new residents alike. Stop and pose for a photo under the large Florida arch, get a free sample of orange juice or grapefruit juice, pick up literature and Florida maps and purchase your SunPass - Florida's pre-paid toll pass. You'll find information on Florida wildlife and popular tourist destinations. Need to make a phone call or just want to share a little history with your kids? There's a phone booth on site! Of course there are restrooms and vending machines too.

Finding your Florida Home

With the influx of new Florida residents, the demand for housing is increasing. Inventory in the resale market is slim so many new residents are shopping for new construction homes. Holiday Builders has been a leading production homebuilder in Florida for 38 years. Homebuyers may select a floorplan to build or purchase a move-in ready home in nearly 20 different locations including two cities in Coastal Alabama. Customers may opt to build a home on their own lot in select areas. Holiday Builders offers their customers the ability to personalize their new home with design options like flooring, cabinetry and countertops. 

If you're planning a move to Florida and are shopping for a new home, be sure to visit Holiday Builders to find the perfect floorplan for your family, or completed move-in ready home.