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Maintaining your air conditioner, or HVAC unit, is important and easy.
Follow these steps to keep your home clean and cool.

Maintaining your HVAC Unit

Maintaining your home air conditioner, or HVAC unit, is an easy task. Proper maintenance is important not only for your comfort, but for the air quality in your home. The materials you'll need are few: An air-filter, white vinegar and a shop vac. 

One of the most important components of maintaining your air conditioner is changing out your air filter. You can purchase an inexpensive filter which will need to be changed every month, or purchase a pleated filter. Pleated filters last 3 times as long and keep out allergins and smaller particles the cheaper filters won't. Your air quality will be better with a pleated filter. If you have a large family and animals, you may find you need to change your filter more frequently.
When a filter gets dirty, it ceases to remove particles from the air - instead, those particles flow into the air you breathe. A dirty air-filter puts a strain on the air handler making it harder for your unit to operate. Additionally, the air filter keeps grime and dirt off the coils of your air conditioning unit which also helps to prevent issues. When you replace your air filter, make sure directional arrows on the filter, point toward the air handler.

Cleaning Condensation Lines

Another common problem with HVAC units is a clogged condensation line. The combination of heat, humidity and water always in the condensation line causes mold growth. To prevent mold from growing, put a cup of water in your condensation line. This line will be located by your inside unit. There is a small pipe with a cap. The cap isn't glued on -it simply twists off. Pouring a cup of vinegar in the line ONCE A MONTH combats mold growth and helps to prevent clogs.
When your air conditioner is running, your outside unit, the condenser, should be dripping. If the condensation line isn't flowing, the unit will stop. In addition to adding vinegar, take your shop vac outside by your condenser, and vacuum out your condensation line. This should be done at least once or twice a year. 

Following these steps will help to prevent your HVAC from failure. A clean, properly functioning HVAC unti will keep the air in your home cool, clean and comfortable.

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